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Are you experiencing some ups and downs since you started care?

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Well done so far! At this point everyone’s journey and progress is a little different. But this is 100% normal! You are all different people with different backgrounds!

Sometimes people can get a bit worried if their symptoms are a bit up and down. This can be due to a few reasons.

As you progress, it’s normal to start to want to do more physically. So it might be that you have accidentally over done it and you then experience some tightness or an increase in symptoms. This will generally settle down in a few days. Although this can be frustrating, it is important to occasionally push your bodies boundaries to see where you are at.

And sometimes, you just have a bad day. A day when everything feels a little harder and your symptoms are a little ‘noisier’. Again, this is completely normal!

Other people do experience a more linear progress with their improvements. So if this is you, well done! You’re doing great.

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