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Sports Chiropractic

Andy Murray. Usain Bolt. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These athletes are at the top of their game, having created world records left and right.

Do you know what they have in common?

All use chiropractic as a regular part of their healthy lifestyles to enhance their performance. Whether it’s better reaction times, greater strength and flexibility or recovery from an injury, chiropractic may be what you need to gain that performance edge.

Laura has personally helped a range of athletes from boxers to golfers, runners to cyclists improve their game. Whether you are into sport for fun or aiming for that next personal best, chiropractic care could keep you healthier, stronger and more energised.

Get The Extra Edge Over Your Rivals

Every athlete wants that extra edge over their rivals. But how can you achieve this? Training and diet alone are not always enough to give you that little bit extra. That winning edge. Chiropractic care helps your brain and nervous system work better – then your brain can make quicker and more accurate decisions.

Athletes who are able to make quicker and accurate decisions when it comes to their chosen sport are more likely to get ahead on the field. We also know that there is a prevention of muscle fatigue – you can go harder for longer. That is certainly going to set you on the path to victory. There is also a body of research showing how chiropractic care improves core stability and your bodies awareness of its surroundings which in turn has contributed to injury prevention.

Though many people associate chiropractic with pain, you don’t have to be injured to visit our practice. Plenty of athletes see us because they know it’s a way to optimise their performance, have more energy or sleep better. Others feel that a certain area of their body is stiff or tight and want to make improvements.

We’ve seen runners record a new personal best or golfers win a tournament after experiencing changes from chiropractic care. Who knows what you may be able to accomplish!

If you’re active, you don’t want to have to sit on the sidelines when you’re injured. Research shows that the longer you are under chiropractic care, the better the outcomes you will have. Your recovery will depend in large part on how stressed you are, how quick your body’s healing response is and the length of time your problem has been present.

It will differ for everyone, but a good average is about 12 weeks of regular care to start seeing positive changes. Most people will start experiencing a shift within the first month of care. For the best possible results, be sure to stick to Laura’s recommendations that you’ll receive during your personalised report of findings.

Natural chiropractic care can be an effective way to address a variety of sports injuries. There are numerous potential benefits of getting regular chiropractic care for those engaging in any sport:

  • Better performance
  • Greater endurance
  • Fewer injuries

  • Better flexibility
  • Greater recovery

Q: How can we help your brain and nervous system work better?

A: Chiropractic care involves adjustments to the spine which change how the nervous system works. Research shows that the electrical signals in the brain increased after an adjustment to the spine. The brain has more information from your body which is how your brain can then make better decisions. Your brain is the master controller of your body – it needs to know what is going on in the body to be able to make accurate decisions.

Q: How does improved core stability help reduce injuries?

A: Having a stable core is the key to any movement – the core needs to be stable when moving your arms or legs. If the core is not stable, movement the arms or legs could be compromised. Likewise, when moving the arms and legs, if the core and spine is not stable, there is a greater risk of injury.

Q: What can I do to be proactive with my health?

A: There are many ways you can help yourself – eating well, supplements like omega-3, getting enough sleep, mindfulness or meditation. I’m sure you are nailing the exercise part! Maintaining your flexibility will help your spinal health but current research suggests for a healthy nervous system and brain, chiropractic care is the key to success.

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