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Meet Matt Perry, Practice Manager

Matt Perry

How I Became Involved in Chiropractic

I first came across chiropractic in detail on my first date with Laura. From there, I slowly learned more about the amazing possibilities chiropractic care can provide.

The moment I became truly invested in chiropractic was partway through a seminar with Laura (that I was hoping would be a free holiday!). It was amazing, learning the sheer number of people chiropractors had been able to help and immersing myself in a profession solely based on love and care. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be involved in any way I could.

Being A Practice Manager

Previous experience in roles such as a Sales Executive and Customer Team Leader has led me to feel very comfortable with being the Practice Manager for Energise Chiropractic Shrewsbury. I wholeheartedly enjoy connecting with our Practice Members and assisting Laura in providing quality care.

A Little Bit About Me Out of the Office

The short answer is, if I can be outside, I will be. Whether it is hiking or mountain biking, I enjoy being out in the countryside trying to keep active. If all this is followed by a good meal and a good pint, that’s even better!

Learn More Today

Are you wondering whether chiropractic may be right for you? Contact Energise Chiropractic Shrewsbury today to discuss booking a consultation!


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