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Chiropractic Care

As a chiropractor, Laura is trained to locate a subluxation, which is an area of the spine that isn’t moving or is out of alignment. It creates interference in your nerve system. Your nerve system is how the brain and body communicate.

By adjusting your subluxations, we allow your brain and body to work better, and you to move better. Your body will have the ability to heal itself naturally when the interference is removed. Chiropractic facilitates your body’s natural abilities!

Techniques That Work for You

Laura utilises several different chiropractic techniques. The one that’s used for you will depend on your needs, preferences and problem. You may have one technique on a certain day and another on your next visit, depending on what your body requires.

Diversified. This is the most common chiropractic technique people have experienced. It will be adapted to your age and situation.

Thompson. A gentler method, this technique is great for seniors and people with osteoporosis or who cannot otherwise have force applied to the spine. You’ll get great results without any clicks or pops.

Sacro Occipital Technique®. To align your pelvis, make positive changes to your posture or restore your function, this method is designed to give quick relief and help you move easier.

Activator®. This instrument-based method is ideal for children or people who have osteoporosis. If you have had spinal surgery, you can still get adjusted with this technique.

For Pain and Wellness

Plenty of people only start to see a chiropractor because of pain. It’s important to know, however, that the benefits go beyond relieving discomfort. Laura provides wellness care and advice on your overall health and wellbeing with topics such as stretches, exercises, and supplements.

Some of the most common conditions we see include neck pain, back pain, headaches and sporting injuries.

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