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Could Chiropractic care help your family and friends?


Most people think that chiropractors ‘crack backs’ and that helps people ‘feel better’. But this just scratches the surface. So how can chiropractic care impact your life and the lives of your family members and friends?

Firstly, what controls your body? What tells your heart to beat? Your muscles to contract? Your eyes to blink? Your brain! Your brain controls all your body functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the whole of your life. All of your life’s events and activities can help or hinder your brains ability to control your body. Falls, poor posture, injuries, diet, sleeping patterns, sport – all of these can contribute to how well your brain and body cope through life. The better your brain and body function, the better you could learn new activities and skills, recover from injuries, even how healthy your immune system is and the better your body can adapt to the continuing challenges of life.

How Chiropractic Can Help

So how can Chiropractic care help? When your spine is either mis-aligned or is not moving as well as it should be (a subluxation) it can interfere with your nerves. This reduces how well they send signals up to your brain about what is going on in your body. This puts your brain in the dark about what’s going on. If you eat your lunch, your brain needs to know this so it can tell your stomach to release acid to start to digest your food properly. If you have an ache or pain but your brain doesn’t know the full extent of the problem, it will not know how to help you adapt through it. You can apply this to any part of your body because your nerves send and receive signals from everywhere (whether you are consciously aware of it or not). Just how you can learn how to ride a bike, you can also learn negative things like becoming hypersensitive to pain. By removing any interference on your nerves, your brain and body can function at their best and allow your body to adapt and heal better.

How can you remove interference on your nerves? Chiropractic adjustments are pushes and pulls into your spinal joints to allow better movement and alignment. This allows your nerves to function better, your brain to know everything about your body and therefore tell your body to behave and function better.

So what does the research say? Regular chiropractic care can:

a)      Improved or altered visual acuity and visual field size

b)      Reduced joint position sense error (know where your body is in space)

c)       Improved reaction times

d)      Altered brain processing

e)      Changes to integration of sensory and motor information

f)       Altered spinal cord reflex excitability

g)      Changes to messages from the CNS to the muscles

h)      Increased muscle strength in the legs

i)        Reduced or prevented muscle fatigue

j)        Enhance muscle function and strength

k)      Improve the way we sense our environment

l)        Improve the processing of information in our brain

m)    Injury prevention: improved core stability, improved proprioception and an increased accuracy of the brain’s control over muscles

n)      Prevention of muscle fatigue

So what are you waiting for? Let your family and friends know about Chiropractic TODAY. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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