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Do you want to hear something that can improve your sports performance?

AndyIt makes sense that you want your body to be in top form, health and function before a big game or event. It’s also important to know what could impact your function and performance.

Dysfunction in your spine disrupts your brains ability to sense what is actually going on in the rest of your body – for example your arms, your legs, your heart, your digestive system. This spinal dysfunction (subluxations) distracts your brain and makes it harder for it to accurately ‘see’ what is going on. If your brain cannot accurately ‘see’ what is going on, your brain will try and be clever, and fill in the blanks with previous information. Your brain guesses based on what happened last time. The problem here is that this guess is probably inaccurate and is not actually what is currently happening. If your brain does not have all of the relevant and up-to-date information from your body, do you think your brain will be able to make accurate decisions when competing?

Take a moment to balance on one leg with your eyes closed. You should be able to do this for at least 25 seconds. If you cannot reach 25 seconds you need to get your spine checked for subluxations. Regular chiropractic care can improve your balance – as your brain can accurately ‘see’ what is going on, your brain is therefore able to maintain better balance during everyday tasks, but most importantly, during sports. Take this a step further, getting your subluxations corrected helps prevent injuries – better balance and coordination is vital to maintain a healthy body. I know as a runner how frustrating it can be to have reoccurring niggles that affect your training and performance. But regular chiropractic care could help you remain injury free and to keep that momentum during training, which will boost your match-day performance.

Having no interference on your nervous system and allowing your brain to function optimally improves your brains ability to process information. Do you ever feel slow at reacting or decision-making during sport? Research tells us that having your subluxations corrected helps your brain process information quicker, which will help your performance in sport.

It is known that athletes are already using chiropractic care: Andy Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger woods, Michael Jordan, The Fiji Rugby team, Leicester Tigers Rugby and many more. If it is good enough for these athletes, it’s going to be fantastic for you!

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