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Do you want to hear something that can improve your sports performance? Frustrated with re-occurring niggles and injuries?

It makes sense that you want your body to be in top form, health and function all the time. It’s also important to know what could impact your function and performance.

Take a moment to balance on one leg with your eyes closed. You should be able to do this for at least 25 seconds. Make sure you check both sides to see if the are equal or if there is an imbalance. This is a test to see how well your brain and nervous system are working together. If your brain and nervous system are not working 100% then you could be missing out.

Regular chiropractic care can improve your brain and nervous systems function. This can in turn improve things like balance – as your brain can accurately ‘see’ what is going on better in your body. Your brain can then make more accurate decisions about how to move forward and adapt.

Having better balance and proprioception (your ability to know where your body is in space without looking at it) is vital to maintain a healthy body – this can help prevent injuries. I know as a runner how frustrating it can be to have reoccurring niggles that affect your training and performance. But regular chiropractic care could help you remain injury free and to keep that momentum during training, which will boost your game or race-day performance.

How can chiropractic care do this? By making sure your spine is aligned and moving as well as it should be, this helps your nerves send information between your body and your brain. Then your brain can process information better and quicker – what controls your body? Your BRAIN – so having this work better will help your body work better. Makes sense, right?

Do you ever feel slow at reacting or decision-making during sport? Research tells us that chiropractic care helps your brain process information quicker which is vital in most sports.

It is known that athletes are using chiropractic care to help their performance. Here are a few: Andy Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Brady, Tiger woods, Michael Jordan, The Fiji Rugby team, Leicester Tigers Rugby and many more. If it is good enough for these athletes, it’s going to be fantastic for you!

Get in touch today for a special introductory offer to get you started on your path to improved function and performance!


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