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How important is Vitamin D on your health?



During the summer months you love to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Your skin converts this sun light into vitamin D when it hits your skin (this has been over simplified a little…). But why do we need vitamin D and what does it do?

Research over the years has delved into the role and function of vitamin D throughout the body. Most people have heard that vitamin D is important in the immune system, absorption of calcium in the intestines and is involved in the maintenance of bone content. Adequate vitamin D is necessary for bone health, cardiovascular health, is involved in managing insulin resistance and is potentially protective against certain cancers.

We are constantly learning more about the potential benefits of vitamin D and I am sure that over the next few years more research will guide us to more knowledge on the role of vitamin D in your health. The receptor for vitamin D in your body has been found in cells in most organs – your brain, heart, skin, gonads, prostate and breast.

As the summer turns to Autumn and Winter, most of the population in the UK will become deficient in vitamin D levels. It’s vitally important for overall health to maintain good levels of vitamin D throughout the year. So, what can you do?

Public Health England recommended that adults should consider a vitamin D supplement from October through to March. But as we know how beneficial Vitamin D is to your immune system, I would look to top up with supplements all year round! When it comes to any supplement, please be careful of where you buy them from. I would recommend only using trustworthy and reputable sources for any supplements.

If you have questions or are unsure where you could look for supplements, speak to Dr Laura

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