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Intermittent Fasting - what and why!


This is a lifestyle change (I’m not a fan of the word ‘diet’) that focuses on WHEN you eat rather than WHAT you eat. With intermittent fasting, you eat during specific times – but why would you do this? Our bodies are naturally designed to go without food for periods of time. Before humans farmed, we were hunter gatherers who had to go long periods of time without eating.

Think about trying to eat your food and meals within an 8 hour period rather than throughout your day. This encourages your body to use it’s sugar stores and burn fat. Basically, when you eat, your body utilises that food as energy rather than using what is already stored in your body.

So what to eat (or not) and when: During your fasting times you can focus on consuming water and zero-calorie drinks like tea and coffee. Then during your eating periods, you can eat normally and healthily. As with any healthy meal, you are looking for plenty of fresh vegetables (greens especially), healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds) and lean proteins. Try and keep the white carbohydrates to a minimum.

Why else might you want to intermittent fast?

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Fat loss
  • Sharper mind and improved memory
  • Reduced blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • Reduced levels of fasting glucose and insulin (helps prevent or can improve type 2 diabetes)

Although intermittent fasting is safe, there may be people and times when it is not for you – during pregnancy, children, type 1 diabetics and those with a history of eating disorders.


If you have any questions about intermittent fasting, please get in touch!

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