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Is sitting the new smoking??

As more of us head back into the office it may be more difficult to grab an activity break through the day. Sitting too much is linked to:

- High blood pressure,

- High cholesterol,

- Heart disease,

- Stroke,

- Diabetes.

To help, there are a few things you can do! The first is to build activity breaks into your day. Research here is still developing but getting up for just a few minutes at a time can help reduce your risk of the above conditions.

What about your posture when sitting?

1. Good spinal alignment contributes to the health and wellbeing of your spinal joints, nerves and discs.

2. Posture in your neck and shoulders determines how well your brain and body exchange information through your nervous system and spinal cord


Your brain does know where your body should be – how your body and posture should be when standing or sitting. Regular chiropractic care allows the reconnection of information being sent from your brain to your body. Your body is clever. With your active thoughts, changing bad habits to good ones, and having your brain and body communicate fully, this will transform your posture for the better!

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