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Should you lift weights?


Matt lifting

Do you find the weights area in the gym daunting? Want to lift some weights but not entirely sure why you should?

There has been lots of interesting research over the years telling us exactly why strength training is good for your health. Exercise in general has shown to improve mood, reduce in depression and improvements in the quality of sleep.

But what about you? How can strength training help you?

  1. Athletes: Strength training for elite athletes is commonplace now, but what about you? Yes, you! The definition of an athlete is a person who is proficient in a sport or physical exercise – that means from a jogger to an Olympic competitor. So why should you strength train? The research shows that for runners there is a significant improvement in running economy and an increased time to exhaustion – this means you will find it EASIER to run HARDER and LONGER. Your athletic performance will improve with strength training.
  2. Throughout life: It is important to build and maintain strength in all muscle groups throughout life, as when you get older (especially in women) you start to lose not only muscle strength, but also bone strength. This can lead to disease and poor health. Strength training can facilitate your health and longevity.
  3. Older population: As you age your muscle mass reduces, along with strength and bone density. Research directly shows that strength training combats this weakness, frailty and bone strength loss (reducing the risk of osteoporosis). Strength training in the older population can also help combat type 2 diabetes, improvements in mood, anxiety, depression and self-esteem, better sleep quality, less fatigue and improved cognition!
  4. Symptomatic people: as a chiropractor, I see lots of people with lots of different problems. The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine showed that there is a reduction in pain in those with lower back pain, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia with strength training. Along with chiropractic care, strength training could be beneficial to everyone.

Strength training facilitates your chiropractic care by helping your spine, nervous system and brain function improve. Research shows improvements when under chiropractic care in:

  1. Reaction times, balance, sensory processing (all of which are especially important for any athlete)
  2. Improvements in general health and wellbeing (throughout life)
  3. Increased quality of life and factors that contribute to independence (older population)
  4. Improve your body’s ability to heal, regenerate, restore and adapt (symptomatic persons)

Chiropractors are specialists in assessing and correcting spinal subluxations. Subluxations are when your spinal joints have less motion, reduced mobility, or function. This reduces how well your nerves and nervous system communicate and relay information to your brain, causing your brain to function poorly. By correcting your subluxations, you will have a better functioning brain and nervous system which could lead to optimal performance and health!

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