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The Wim Hof Method


Through decades of self-exploration and ground breaking scientific studies, Wim Hof has created a way to realise our full potential and inner power. This method is about reconnecting us to ourselves, others and nature. The Wim Hof Method is built upon three concepts: Breathing, Cold Therapy and Commitment/Will-power


By using this breathing technique, you can increase the oxygen levels in your body. This holds many benefits, including: more energy, reduced stress levels and improved immune system response. The amount of oxygen we inhale influences the amount of energy that is released into our cells. The breathing technique is based on a deep inhalation, followed by a relaxed exhale (using no force) which is repeated 30-40 times. Head to to learn more or download the app! Please make sure you start your breathing in a safe environment – you could experience dizzy spells which is completely normal!


Recently, cold body therapy has gained popularity due to its health benefits. Frequent exposure to cold can speed up your metabolism, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve your quality of sleep, improve your focus and can improve your immune system response. So what can you do? Cold showers or ice baths are a great way to start. A cold blast in your shower for 30 seconds, building up your time each day, or a few minutes in an ice bath. Please keep safe around water in nature!

Will power and self-control are very important factors for a successful and happy life. People with low willpower tend to make poor choices as they give into desires at the expense of long-term goals. People with willpower tend to be happier, healthier, more satisfied in relationships, have better careers, can cope better with stress and conflicts. All of the exercises from the Wim Hof Method have a powerful effect on skills related to self-control. Head to his website to learn more or ask Dr Laura or Matt when you are next in the practice.

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