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Top tips to speed up your body's healing power!


Here are some top tips you can implement into your life to help your body speed up the healing process – as all healing takes time!

Diet: I am NOT here to tell you to eat your greens! I think that you know what a good diet should be. What I do want to draw your attention to is the things that can boost your body’s ability to heal. Of course eating good quality fresh foods is very important, along with drinking plenty of water. But stopping smoking will also boost your body’s ability to heal. There is mounting research stating that your body will not heal as well or as quick if you smoke cigarettes. Another thing to think about is are you having a varied diet to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs? For example, during the winter months, most people in the UK will become deficient in vitamin D. A supplement here is a good idea. Another supplement you should look into is Omega-3 fish oils – your brain and nerves are made up of omega-3 so having a supplement could improve your overall body’s health!

healthy foodRest: How many hours of sleep are you getting per night? You should be getting 8 hours consistently for good health. The average in the UK is 7 hours per night – if you do the maths, this is a whole night each week that you are missing out on. Poor sleep over a long time is linked with many chronic health conditions (certain cancers, heart conditions etc) but also impacts your body’s ability to heal well. If you are getting 8 hours but you’re not feeling refreshed in the morning, then you need to have a look at the quality of your sleep. Switching off devices an hour before bedtime will help your brain settle into a better quality sleep pattern therefore feeling more refreshed in the mornings.

sleepExercise: Get your body moving! This is a key element to helping your body heal – movement encourages blood flow to move around your body. Your blood contains the essential nutrients needed to heal well. Stretching specifically helps your muscles adapt and change – most people have some tight muscles. Ask Dr Laura about what specific stretches you should be doing. Another part of exercise (which may not yet be appropriate in your stage of care) is strengthening exercises. Again Dr Laura will guide you as to when and which exercises are right for you. The final type of exercise you should be implementing into your habits is cardiovascular exercise – this does not necessarily mean you have to go out running! Going for a brisk walk a few times a week may be appropriate for you at the moment – speak to Dr Laura about where you should start.

exerciseAdjustments: Your chiropractic care is vital to helping your body adapt and heal. Your adjustments help your nerves and brain function better so your body can heal itself. This is the underlying philosophy of chiropractic care. Keeping consistency to your appointments is key in your initial phase of care to build momentum. Make sure you do everything in your power to schedule and keep your appointments. When you start to feel better, you might think you no longer need chiropractic care. It is always your choice with regards to your care, but if you decide to stop care too early, your body will not have had enough time to have healed and adapted through the issue. The likelihood is that your problem will just come back. My goal for everyone is to get you as healthy and happy as possible and then maintain this improvement.


Please contact Dr. Laura today to book your initial Road to Recovery appointment or your next adjustment to keep you healthy!


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