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Why do we get sick?



Have you experienced or heard about how people get poorly when they take a break? Or teachers when they reach the school holidays? Why do you think this happens? Why, when we slow down, does your body break down?

We have a tendency to keep busy, keep going, keep overdoing it. When you finally stop, your body finally has the time to rest and restore itself. To force you to do this, your body could literally make you stop – by giving you a cough or a cold, or an ache or a pain. This is your bodies way of demanding some TLC and rest.

But what if you approached life in a different way? What would happen if you took more time for yourself to rest and look after yourself? Because don’t forget, if you are not healthy and well you cannot be there for those who need you.

A Chiropractic lifestyle involves looking after yourself more. Taking the time your body needs and doing those things that can help and restore your body. Eating well, getting enough sleep, moving in a good way.

Chiropractic care itself can help you stay healthier for longer. The essence of chiropractic care is to allow your body to function better to allow you to be the best possible version of yourself. We do this by making sure your spine is moving as well as it can and it properly aligned. When your spine is stiff or stuck the nerves in that area will not be able to send the signals to your brain properly. If your brain is in the dark about what is happening in your body, it might not know what is needed or how best to function. If you are struggling with an ache or a pain, this could mean that your brain literally does not know about the problem – it’s like you are stuck in limbo.

If you are looking to become healthier, we can also help here. The idea is that your brain needs to know what is going on in all of your organs as well. Of example, as you are eating your breakfast, signals are sent from your mouth to your brain letting your brain know that there is food in your mouth. Your brain can then start the process of releasing appropriate amounts of stomach acid ready to digest this food. And the same for the intestines etc. Without the initial signal being sent from your mouth up to your brain, you might not be able to digest your food as well as possible, and you might be losing out on essential nutrients being absorbed in your intestines. This applies to each cell, organ and part of your body. Pretty cool!

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